Windows build issues

If you are using Windows and you see the following message during container build:

RUN cd /nuclei && git apply nuclei-rate-limiting.patch  && cd v2/cmd/nuclei && go build && GOBIN=/usr/local/bin/ go install:
#85 2.234 error: corrupt patch at line 7

this may mean that during clone you configured Git to change newlines from Linux (\n) to Windows (\r\n). Changing this setting will fix the problem.

To solve this, run:

git config --global core.autocrlf input

This command sets Git to convert line endings to LF on checkout but doesn’t convert them when committing files. After setting the configuration, you should re-clone your repository to ensure that the line endings are correct in the files.

Shodan module startup issues

If you see the following error in the logs:

karton-shodan_vulns-1                  | [ERROR] - [2024-02-04 15:35:04,622] - in <module>() (line 102): Shodan API key is required to start the Shodan vulnerability module.
karton-shodan_vulns-1                  | [ERROR] - [2024-02-04 15:35:04,622] - in <module>() (line 103): Don't worry - all other modules can be used without this API key.

That means the Shodan module wasn’t able to start because an API key was not configured. To fix this, provide the SHODAN_API_KEY configuration variable, see Configuration options.

Issues when scanning localhost

As Artemis modules are Docker containers, you won’t be able to scan your host’s localhost. Entering localhost as the target to scan will cause the modules to scan themselves.